• Graphic Designer

    Chienya was born in Taiwan, and studied Graphic Design in Parsons The New School for Design in New York City.

    Now, Chienya works and is resident in Taipei. Please visit often as there will be frequent updates to the site.

  • 平面設計師

    台灣出生,紐約設計學校Parsons School of Design平面設計學士畢業後,2006年回台定居,即從事平面設計相關工作。


Chienya is an enthusiastic believer that that good design is both communicative as well as visually appealing aesthetically. My Clients includes GQ Taiwan, BonVoyage magazine, D&L, glimmer boutique, Regent Galleria, LONGCHAMP, RIMOWA etc. Design Projects were responsible for all clients' brand promotion from visual design, brochure, poster, invitation, flyers etc. 


主要合作案件有《GQ》及《一次旅行BonVoyage》特約美術編輯、《D+L》企業刊物美術總監、glimmer boutique專案設計,曾經合作客戶有麗晶精品、LONGCHAMP、優人神鼓、RIMOWA、DHC、麗嬰房、台灣海洋深層水 ...等。